The Dome


At Burning Man last year, I was in awe of all the art people shared. Burning Man is all about participation. This year, I truly want to participate at that high of a level. I like architecture, so what better way than to create a cool building!

I always loved the concept of geodesic domes and thought it would be a great structure for the desert. I found really great plans at Steve Lerner's fantastic GeoDome web site. It leaves a few things up to the imaginiation, but all in all is a terrific guide.

This May, I went to Spain with my friend Janet. In Barcelona, the genius of Gaudi swept me off my feet. Check out my pictures of Palau Guell, Parc Guell, and Sagrada Familia.

Gaudi's work inspired me in my dome building efforts. The plan is to make a basic geodesic dome out of PVC pipe. This dome will serve as the "skeleton" for a fantastic (as in fantasy, not great) Gaudi-esque facade.

The Dome is technically a diminished icosahedron.


Here's how the dome was actually realized: