First Raising

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The first step was to build the structure of the dome. This was based on Steve Lerners' design. I borrowed my friend Mike's truck and hit Home Depot. I bougth 25 10' long PVC pipes with 2" diameter, 200 ft of 1/4" nylon rope, a 3/8" drill bit, and some masking tape.

I drilled a bunch of holes (100 to be exact). Then Kevin bored and deburred the holess while I cleaned the pipes. We also planned a way to quickly and conveniently transport and raise the dome.

Mark and Janet came over and we raised the dome! It was really fun. I felt accomplished when I was done.

All The PVC In
Mike's Truck

25 Pipes Cleaned and
100 Holes
Drilled and Deburred

Evan Planning Optimal
Arrangement of Knots

Janet Checking The Plan

The Crew

Evan Holding The Top Pyramid

A Beautiful Corner

First Raising!

Dome On Top Of The Hill