Burn, Baby, Burn!

There are only days until Burning Man 2000!

How are we going to find each other?

We will be staying near 8:00 Sex Drive. Look for us near there.

There will be a PVC-based geodesic dome with fabric covers, a yellow carpet, and a patio with astroturf. The top will look something like this. Go to the dome pages to see what the frame looks like.

We will put a pushpin at the Greeter Station. It is a greyscale verison of this image:
Gold OM with Purple Background(OM with a Halo)


The Official Burning Man Web Site

Bianca, the origin of our tribe.

Pictures of us from Burning Man 1999.
An incredible panoramic from Burning Man 1999.


Kevin and I are leaving for Burning Man on Tuesday, August 29 at 11am.

We are building a big dome. Here are pictures of it

Don't forget to buy your tickets!

Look at Kevin and Evan's checklist.


Email our BM2000 Village mailing list.
Join our BM2000 Village mailing list.
Look who's subscribed.

the thing that makes burning man so amazing is the force of 20,000 people giving out energy instead of consuming it.
      -SusanarguS of Bianca