Dome Planning

This is the planning page for our Burning Man 2000 Dome.

To understand the inspiration behind the dome, and to see the progress so far, check this page out.

The following are different aspects of the dome.

The general format is the current status is given and then the To-Do List is in bullets. If somethign has been tasked, that person's name is in parentheses.


The struts are all drilled and cleaned. We have plenty of rope. We are really good at setting it up and taking it down!


I have the FEELit yellow rug for the floor.

I also have astroturf, graciously given to us by our neighbors from BM1999. We can use this as a lawn. But, last year we threw around the idea of doing Putt-Putt. If we're serious about this (Janet!), we better start thinking!


We are going to paint the struts. I like deep gold and then maybe some purple and red and blue and yellow and white. Magestic, you know!

We are going to make paper mache coverings for each vertex. The will be gumdrop-spire-like, similar to this, this, and a hint of this. They are going to be painted.


If we don't have shade in Black Rock Desert, we will die.

The dome will be a shelter from sun and wind and (hopefully not) rain.

Interior Decoration

Does somebody want to take charge of this? Email Evan if you do.