The Dogboy Foundation

The Dogboy Foundation creates software. We do this for either coolness sake, or for goodwill. On this page, you'll find links to the various Dogboy Foundation projects, as well as source code snippets.

Do you have an idea for a project? Do you want to collaborate on something? Email Remember, it has to be cool, or for a good cause.


FlashVis -- A Winamp Visualization Plugin that plays Flash movies.

TouchApe -- A Winamp WVS plugin (APE) that thumps your TouchSense mouse to the beat. Source code is available.

Mac port of AEFlame -- AEFlame is an Adobe AfterEffects Plugin that draws really cool fractal flames. The original AEFlame code was made by Drew Davidson, based on the amazing Flame code by Scott Draves. This is all hosted, promoted, and creatively utilized by the fellows at Source code is available.

Sonic Ranger Application for the Palm -- This is a project done for the Concord Consortium, a non-profit educational research organization. Students use this Palm software with SmartProbes, intelligent instrumentation such as the Concord Consortium Sonic Ranger. They can take data and graph it in real-time. This software is not useful unless you have a SmartProbe. But, you should download the source code if you want some good Palm sample code. It has graphing code, database and serial communication abstractions, and code for taking first and second derivatives.


QuickSearch -- some useful custom entries to this awesome Internet Explorer Powertoy.


the buddha knows that
the emptiness of a room
gives it its function.

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