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What is FlashVis?

FlashVis is a Visualization Plugin for Nullsoft Winamp that allows you to play Flash movies within Winamp. When these Flash movies are specially developed for FlashVis, then things get really trippy...

How do I get FlashVis?

The latest FlashVis for Winamp is version 1.0, released November 26, 2001.

This version assumes that you have the Macromedia Flash Player installed already. If you don't, get it from Macromedia.

You can should download some contributed movies.

How much does FlashVis cost?

FlashVis is free (as in beer).

If you feel like paying for something, ask me about FlashWindow, my forthcoming developer library which lets you create Flash user interfaces for C++ programs.

How do I use FlashVis?

After you download and install it, run WinAmp. Press the Ctrl+K key to go to Visualization Plugin Options. Select the "FlashVis 1.0" plugin. Now you can select a Flash movie from the drop-down menu.

You can add more Flash movies to the list by pushing the "Configure" button. This will display a window. You can drag-and-drop Flash movies (.SWF files) to the window, or press the "Add..." button to browse for one.

To start the visualization, simply press the "Start" button. From the main WinAmp menu, you can start and stop the visualization by pressing Ctrl+Shift+K.

How do I make Flash movies that use FlashVis?

It's easy. Any Flash movie works with FlashVis. You can take advantage of the Winamp integration by making use of the FlashVis variables with your ActionScript. By keeping a special INI file along with your Flash movie, you can customize how FlashVis works with your movie.

Here is the documentation:

If you make something cool that uses FlashVis, please tell me about it! I will list it here and perhaps (with your permission) bundle it in a future version of FlashVis.

Who made FlashVis?

FlashVis was made by Evan Wies (affectionately known as Dogboy) in his infinite free time. He likes making things that are cool, especially things that liberate the creativity of him and his friends.

Version History

v1.0b Sep.28.2001 initial beta release
v1.0 Nov.26.2001 fixed bugs and finalized the Flash integration

Last updated by dogboy on Monday, November 26, 2001