What is TouchAPE?

TouchAPE is an Advanced Plugin Effect (APE) for the Winamp Visualization Studio (WVS). It will make your TouchSense mouse thump to the beat of the music in WinAmp.

How do I get TouchAPE?

The latest is TouchAPE v1.0. The installer will add TouchAPE to your WVS plugin list and install a preset which uses it.

Note that TouchAPE requires IFC (Immersion Foundation Classes) 2.0 or greater which is installed when you add your TouchSense device to your system. It can also be downloaded here.

The source code is also available.

How much does TouchAPE cost?

TouchAPE is free (as in beer).

How do I use TouchAPE?

Open up WVS and double-click on it to bring up WVS preferences. You will see a window similar to this:

Click on the '+' button, open the 'Misc' sub-menu and select 'TouchAPE'. This will add the TouchAPE effect to your preset. Now either 'Browse...' to an IFR file (a file which hold TouchSense effects) or drag-and-drop and IFR file onto the edit box. Using the drop-down menu you can test and select the various effects of that file.

The effect you select will play each time WVS registers a beat.

Why does the thumping not match well? Is TouchAPE broken?

Tracking the beat is really easy for a human to do. However, it is a really difficult thing for a computer program to get right. TouchAPE retreives its beat inforamtion directly from WVS, which in turn must calculate it from the incoming music stream. It tries it's best, but often fails. This defficiency isn't so bad with graphical visualizations, but it is totally evident with a TouchSense device in hand.

Who made TouchAPE?

TouchAPE was made by Evan Wies, a really swell guy.

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